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What is wic?

WIC is the special supplemental nutritional program for Women, Infants and Children. WIC is a nutrition education program that provides healthy foods and teaches families how to make healthy, nutritional choices for their families.

WIC provides:

  1. Nutrition Education to create healthy habits to improve family health
  2. Promotes nutritious foods that are low in fat and high in fiber to maintain a healthy weight

Since its beginning in 1974, the WIC Program has earned the reputation of being one of the most successful Federally-funded nutrition programs in the United States. Collective findings of studies, reviews and reports demonstrate that the WIC Program is cost effective in protecting or improving the health/nutritional status of low-income women, infants and children.

Why get ITCN WIC?

Women on WIC eat better, have healthier babies and receive early prenatal care. Infants born to WIC mothers have better birth weight, and children on WIC eat food with more iron and vitamin C and only visit their doctors as needed.

Women and children may receive:

  1. Reduced fat milk, eggs and cheese
  2. Beans, peas and lentils
  3. Peanut butter
  4. Certain brands of iron-fortified cereal
  5. 100 percent fruit juices high in vitamin C
  6. Special formulas
  7. Fresh, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables
  8. Canned fish
  9. Whole grains
  10. Tofu and soy beverages

Infants may receive:

  1. Iron-fortified formula
  2. Infant cereal
  3. Jarred baby foods (meats)
  4. Jarred baby foods (fruits and vegetables)
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