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Who is Elligible?

To be eligible to participate in the WIC program, one must:

  1. Reside in Nevada or on Nevada Tribal Land
  2. Be a pregnant or recently pregnant woman
  3. Infant or child up to age 5
  4. Have a moderately low income (see chart below)
  5. Be determined to have a nutritional risk
  6. You are income eligible for WIC if you already receive TANF, SNAP, Medicaid or participate in the Food Distribution Program on Tribal Land.

How long can I be on WIC?

Eligible pregnant women may receive WIC benefits through their pregnancies, and from after delivery to a year after delivery (depending on whether or not they breastfeed).

How much money can I earn and still qualify?

The income guidelines for WIC are considerably higher than for welfare programs, so many families with employed members can qualify for WIC.

What is a nutritional risk?

A nutritional risk is evaluated at the clinic and includes any problem, medical or dietary, which is caused by or is associated with what you eat. Some examples are poor growth in a child, poor eating habits, and tooth decay.

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