The ITCN WIC Program values the partnership with all WIC Vendors. The Vendor’s role in building healthy families and improving participant health is an important one. WIC Vendors ensure that WIC participants receive the correct type and amount of healthy foods issued.



The ITCN WIC Program authorizes vendors for a 3 year agreement period. Applications submitted outside of this enrollment period are only considered if there will be inadequate participant access to a WIC-approved store.

Only retailers that are authorized as ITCN WIC Vendors may redeem ITCN WIC benefits.

To become an ITCN WIC-Approved Vendor, you must:

• Be a full line grocery store including meat, dairy, produce (fresh, frozen and canned), and dry goods.
• Have a permanent fixed location for your store with adequate refrigeration, freezer and shelf space.
• Be in compliance with SNAP.
• Meet WIC minimum stock requirements for required items at ALL times.
• Keep your pricing competitive with similarly situated vendors.
• Purchase your infant formula from an approved distributor.
• EBT compatibility.
• Review the Vendor Selection Criteria PDF in the Vendor Resources below.

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We welcome all prospective vendors to become part of the ITCN WIC support system.


Click the buttons below to download PDF resources and forms required to become an ITCN WIC Vendor.

Vendor Application

Apply today! Download our ITCN WIC Vendor Application or apply directly on our application form.

Vendor Application Checklist

Download our checklist for applying vendors.

ITCN WIC Open Enrollment Letter

Read our ITCN WIC Vendor Open Enrollment Letter.

UPC/PLU Food List

Download our updated UPC Food List Database has simplified searching for WIC Foods. You can search for an individual UPC or filter WIC Foods by Category and Subcategory. This new UPC Database can be exported in CSV Format.

UPC Request Form

Download our ITCN WIC UPC Request Form.

Price Survey Worksheet

Download our ITCN WIC Competitive Price Survey Worksheet.

Electronic Cash Register

Download the ITCN WIC Electronic Cash Register (ECR) / Point of Sale (POS) Questionnaire.

Stock Requirements

View the list of ITCN WIC Vendor Stock Requirements.

WIC Vendor/Store Locator

Download our list of ITCN WIC vendors.

Vendor Selection Criteria

Download our list of criteria for vendor selection.

Authorized Infant Formula Suppliers

Download our list of authorized infant formula suppliers.


If you still have questions about becoming an ITCN WIC vendor, please contact us and we will reach out as soon as we can.